Loose Natural Styles

  • Comb Coils (60 minutes)
    Starting at $60

    This service includes a Shampoo and Conditioning treatment. The hair is detangled and individual coils are installed. This style, depending on texture, can last about one to two weeks without the locking process starting. (price increases based on length)

  • Double Strand Twists (75 minutes)
    Starting at $65

    This style includes Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment. The hair is detangled and individual Double strand Twists are installed on full head. Price may increase based on length. Consult is recommended.

  • Curly Cut (30 minutes)
    Starting at $35

    This unique service allows our staff to cut your hair in the Natural State without having to alter with heat! The Curly Cut is precise and Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment is included in the price. (price increase based on length of hair) *consult*

  • Rods (120 minutes)
    Starting at $65

    This service includes shampoo and conditioning treatment. The natiral hair is placed on rods to set and dry. This is a great protective style and lasts for about two to three weeks depending on texture.

  • Combination Creation (120 minutes)
    Starting at $70

    This includes a shampoo and conditioning treatment. The stylist will combine braiding and twisting to create a awesome style with your natural hair that will be out of the box! This will be a true conversation piece.

  • Flat Twist Updo (120 minutes)
    Starting at $70

    This elegant style is very beautiful and can be achieve with your natural hair. This updo can be styled in many different ways and great for protective styling.

  • Wash and Go (40 minutes)
    Starting at $30


  • “Twist Outs” (75 minutes)
    Starting at $55

    You will receive a shampoo and condition. The hair will be flat twisted or chunky twisted. You can leave in ( for better results and deeper waves) or it can be taken down after drying.

  • Flexi Rods (130 minutes)
    Starting at $65

    Flexi rods are a great alternative to a traditional rod set. It can elongate the hair, which gives more of a spiral curl appearance. It can also give the hair a voluminous look which isn’t always achieved with a traditional rod set.

  • Dry Double Strand Twists (150 minutes)
    Starting at $85, but can go up according to the length, density, and size of the twists 
    Hair is shampooed, conditioned, and blown dry. Individual double strands are then put into the hair. This style can last up to 6 weeks.

  • Curly Cut and Shingling (60 minutes)
    Starting at $50

    This appointment is for curly naturals who desires a shaping trim in the curly state and shingling method to create a freestyle. After trim, stylist will apply, mousse, moisturizer, or Eco styler to natural hair, this can help elongate & define curls


  • New Client? Let’s Get You Started!! (30 minutes)
    Starting at $25

    First time clients of BSWS will receive a full service experience, which will include a assessment of the current state of your hair, and a transitional plan created to help you go natural and stay natural.
    **Styles limited to twistout, wash&go, rollerset.


Traditional Loc Services

  • Loc Maintenance (60 minutes)
    Starting at $65

    This service includes shampoo and conditioning treatments, retwistimg of Locs and option for Loc styling after drying.

  • Starter Traditional Locs (60 minutes)                                   Starts at $85
    This service includes shampoo and conditioning treatment. The hair is then parted into uniformed sections and twists are installed.
     Schedule Your Loc Service Appointment

Latch Locs 

  • Latch-locking/Interlocking Maintenance (90 minutes)
    Starting at $135
    This service includes Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment. Locs are interlocked. This service is a locking method that is assisted with a tool. The locks are installed and based properly for support as the lock grows and matures. Please set up a consult for proper pricing.

Color Services

  • Demi Color

  • Permanent Color

  • Henna

  • Highlights

  • Corrective Coloring